Scott Arany

Arany/os Minta

Hi, I’m your new designer.

Photo of Scott Arany, the designer

“Arány/Os Minta: Well-Balanced Design” is a phrase that comes from my Hungarian roots. Arányos minta means, “well-balanced/golden design.” My style and experience brings a clean, professional and well-balanced approach to design with an emphasis on strong typography and beautiful photography.

I provide my clients with design services for multi-format print campaigns, internal communication documents, logo and identity development, copy-writing, e-newsletters, formatting and proof-reading for long-format proposals, website polishing and design, podcast audio scrubbing and publishing and social media integration with a calm and capable attitude.

I would love to collaborate with you so that your design needs truly represent you at your best. Send me an e-mail about your project and I’ll get back to you for a conversation.

I’m based in Attleboro, MA, but serve clients from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest to Southern California to Texas.

When not designing, I wander extensively, exploring backroads, monasteries, and farmers’markets. My camera keeps me happy. I’m also a singer/songwriter with a herd of mountain dulcimers and banjos.

I am the co-producer, liturgical artist and composer for a series of experimental short films about sacred ritual.

Photo by Judy Bandsmer. Paintbrush Photography